Digifront is proud to introduce our own product – “EasyTime“, an online time tracking tool. It is a solution for computerized time and task management and it’s a very useful application for any organization to keep track on their employee’s performance.

In simple words, our product, “EasyTime”, is an application that helps to keep track on each user’s work timing and task description.

Special Features:

  • Computerized time management
  • Detailed report on individual task
  • Keep track on billable and non-billable hours
  • Responsive with any device
  • User friendly interface
  • Excellent customer service support

Simple and comprehensible overview:

Measure and simplify your and your co-workers time usage. The full overview on the amount of time spent on tasks gives you a clear understanding of your progress.

Billable hours:

Specify how much of the time used is billable. Specify project, customer, department and list of predefined task. Take output in your preferred format or integrate with existing invoicing system.

Direct Mailing:

Send your report to your reporting mail ID directly from EasyTime.

Create unlimited projects:

No matter how many clients you got or how many tasks available, EasyTime gives you the opportunity to create unlimited projects.

How it works:

Once a user login to his profile, he can start the timer along with all the description of the task he is about to perform.

Description of various tasks include the name of the client, department and task. And he can also write a brief note on his task. Once all the description part is done and saved, he can continue with his work and the EasyTime clock will continue ticking till it is stopped by the user.

If the user wants to take a break in between a task, he can stop the clock and start again when he is about to continue with the same task again. And at the end of the day he can merge the same tasks together and can present a consolidated report. If he wants to start a new task, he can start with the description part and continue with his new task. In this case, separate reports will be generated based on his different tasks.

The tool is extremely easy to handle and to generate detailed reports based on the user profiles, organisations and various tasks.

Another added advantage of EasyTime is, the user can send the report to his reporting staff directly from the tool.

To know more about our product, please contact us.