Digitization is the process of converting any PDF document into HMTL5 digital content. Digifront provides this conversion service through our own solution in the name of EasyPublish.

Its high time to upgrade your relatively old fashioned PDF publications into a new concept of digitization. All the major issues of using a PDF publication can be eliminated by the use of HTML 5 format. The digital format adds enormous amount of features into the so called old fashioned PDF publications.

The need of digitization is highly recommended in order to provide a reader friendly digital content enhanced with videos, sounds, colorful images, interactive features and easily navigable pages. The digitization of PDF publications is the need of the hour when it comes to marketing or sharing your creation in the social media and in the ever growing global market.

How it is done:

As a user, you just need to submit or upload your PDF file in our website and we will do the rest for you. Digifront, as a team of highly professional creators, will go through your PDF file and will select the best theme and layout for your digital format. Once these initial steps are done manually, the conversion of data will be carried out through our own conversion tool. And the output will be ready for the first review within 24 hours depending on the number of pages available in the original PDF version.

We also provide an option for our users to create their own interactive and responsive publications from the scratch. The users can select their desired theme and layout to design their own digital publication. Simply upload the contents into the selected layout and your complete digital publication is ready in no time.

All these services are offered at a very reasonable pricing based on the subscription packages.

STARTER @ $44 per month for creating one monthly publication. Billed Annually.

OPTIMAL @ $89 per month for creating four monthly publications. Billed Annually.

ADVANCED @ $179 per issue for conversion of PDF publication (automatic with manual correction)

If you are looking for more than four monthly publications, please contact us to avail the offer pricing.